The Farm


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Holmes Brothers Farm has been cultivating hops using sustainable growing practices since 2008. We have grown over a dozen varieties of hops and continue to search for cultivars ideal for growing in our climate and region.  Our current list of hops varieties planted include: Cascade, Chinook, Newport and Brewers Gold.  With over a half acre of hops, we are able to hand pick, dry, and process in small batches to ensure maximum freshness and quality.

In addition to dried whole cone hops, we are capable of providing wet hops, fresh off the vine (less than 24 hrs), for those interested in wet hop brewing. Additionally, each spring when we cut our hops back to promote a proper growing season, we have a limited quantity of hops shoots available for purchase. For those interested in wet hops or hop shoots, please Contact Us to pre-order to ensure sufficient timing for freshness and availability.



We raise heritage breed pigs in a natural foraging habitat allowing them access to root and move freely, increasing their quality of life and meat.  All of our pigs are non GMO fed. 

Please Contact Us if you are interested in purchasing.


Pastured Poultry

We raise “Salatin” style pastured poultry. Our free range birds are moved daily on fresh pasture and fed with a non GMO feed for a less stressful and high quality life. This method allows for direct regeneration and fertilization of our pasture, which in turn allows for more healthy forage for our livestock.

Please Contact Us if you are interested in purchasing.



We limit our commercial production to a variety of purple and fingerling potatoes, as well as seasonal produce and micro greens. Please Contact Us to see what’s in season!